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10 Types of Red Birds In Pennsylvania

  1. Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of birds, including some that are rarely seen in other parts of the country.
  2. Below are 10 types of red birds that can be found in Pennsylvania.
  3. Each one has its own unique plumage and behavior, so be sure to explore this beautiful state to see them all!

Northern Cardinal

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The Northern Cardinal is a bird species that belongs to the family of Cardinals. It is one of the most popular birds in North America and can be found in many parts of Pennsylvania.

The male Northern Cardinal is known for its bright red plumage, while the female has a more muted brown color with hints of red.

Red Birds in Pennsylvania are a common sight during spring and summer months. The Northern Cardinal’s vibrant red feathers and distinctive pointed crest make it an easily recognizable bird throughout the state.

They are also known for their melodious songs which can be heard echoing through woodlands, gardens, and backyards across Pennsylvania.

The Northern Cardinal population has been steadily increasing over recent decades due to conservation efforts aimed at protecting their habitats from destruction by human activity.

White-Winged Crossbill

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The White-Winged Crossbill is one of the most fascinating red birds in Pennsylvania.

This striking bird has a unique beak that is perfectly designed to extract seeds from conifer cones, which makes it one of the few birds that can feed on these difficult-to-access nutrients. The White-Winged Crossbill is a medium-sized finch with a distinctive head shape and plumage.

This bird’s feathers are mostly gray-brown, but males have bright red plumage on their wings and tails, which adds to their stunning appearance.

They breed mainly in Canada and Alaska, but they are known to visit Pennsylvania during winter months when there is snow cover and less food available in their breeding range.

Interestingly enough, the population of White-Winged Crossbills can fluctuate dramatically based on the availability of conifer cones.

Pine Grosbeak

red birds

Pine Grosbeak is a beautiful bird species that belongs to the finch family. The birds are known for their bright red plumage, which makes them one of the most striking birds in Pennsylvania.

They can be found across Canada, Alaska, and some parts of the northern United States. In Pennsylvania, Pine Grosbeaks are often spotted during winter months.

The males have a bright red head and breast, while females have gray-brown feathers with a slight touch of red on their chest. Both males and females have thick bills that help them crack open seeds from pine cones or other fruits.

Since they feed mostly on coniferous trees’ seeds such as pine and spruce, they tend to stay close to these types of forests and woodlands.

House Finch

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Pennsylvania is home to many beautiful birds, but none can match the captivating charm of the House Finch. These small red birds are a common sight across Pennsylvania, and for good reason.

With their bright red feathers and cheerful melodies, they add a touch of color and joy to any garden or backyard.

House Finches are known for their distinctive songs, which vary from region to region. In Pennsylvania, you may hear them singing a sweet descending melody that sounds like “cheerup-cheerily.” The male House Finch is especially vocal during mating season when he uses his song to attract females. Interestingly enough, the female House Finch prefers males with longer and more complex songs.

In addition to their beautiful songs, House Finches are also fascinating creatures because of their unique beaks. Their beaks are specifically adapted for cracking open tough seeds such as sunflower seeds and thistle.

Painted Bunting

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The Painted Bunting is a colorful bird that can be found in the southern United States, Mexico, and Central America. This beautiful bird has been known to make rare appearances in Pennsylvania, surprising birdwatchers with its vibrant red, blue and green feathers.

Often considered one of the most beautiful birds in North America, it has become a favorite among bird enthusiasts.

The male Painted Bunting is particularly striking with his bright red body and blue-green head. The female is less showy with her green plumage but still catches attention when she flits through trees or bushes. These birds are often seen perched on shrubs or small trees where they search for seeds or insects to eat. They also have a unique song that sounds like a series of whistles and trills that can be heard from some distance away.

Scarlet Tanager

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Scarlet Tanagers are a delight to bird watchers in Pennsylvania. In the spring and early summer months, these red birds can be spotted flitting around the trees of the state’s deciduous forests.

The males are especially striking with their brilliant scarlet plumage that seems to glow in the sunlight.

These birds prefer to live high up in the trees, so spotting them can be a bit challenging. They tend to stay hidden away among the leaves, but their distinctive call is easy to identify once you learn it.

It’s a series of short, sharp notes that sound like “chick-burr”. Listening for this call is one of the best ways to find these elusive birds.

If you do manage to catch sight of a Scarlet Tanager, it’s worth taking some time to just watch them go about their business.

Red Crossbill

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The Red Crossbill is one of the most unique and fascinating birds found in Pennsylvania. These red birds are known for their distinctive beaks that cross at the tip, giving them a unique appearance that sets them apart from other bird species.

The Red Crossbills are also well-known for their ability to extract seeds from cones using their specialized beaks.

These beautiful red birds can be found primarily in coniferous forests throughout Pennsylvania. They are a common sight in areas such as the Pocono Mountains, where they feed on pine cones and other types of conifer seeds.

While they may not be as commonly seen as some other bird species, the Red Crossbill’s striking appearance and interesting behavior make them a favorite among bird enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to observe these amazing creatures up close, consider taking a hike through one of Pennsylvania’s many state parks or nature preserves.

Common Redpoll

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The Common Redpoll is a small songbird that is often seen in Pennsylvania during the winter months. These red birds are known for their distinctive red caps and chests, which contrast starkly against their white bellies and gray wings.

While they look similar to other finches, the Common Redpoll can be identified by its stubby bill and streaked sides.

Redpolls are typically found in the northern regions of North America, but they occasionally migrate southward into Pennsylvania during cold weather spells.

They prefer open habitats like fields or forests with scattered trees where they can feed on seeds from birch, alder, and spruce trees. Some birdwatchers have also reported seeing Common Redpolls visiting backyard bird feeders filled with nyjer or thistle seeds.

In addition to their striking appearance, these red birds have a unique vocalization that sounds like a trill or warble.

Purple Finch

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The Purple Finch is a beautiful bird species that can be found in Pennsylvania. As its name suggests, this bird has a purple-red plumage on its head and breast, with brownish wings and back.

It is often confused with the House Finch due to their similar appearance, but the Purple Finch has a more vibrant coloration.

Red birds are commonly seen in Pennsylvania during the breeding season, and the Purple Finch is no exception.

These birds prefer forested areas and can be observed feeding on seeds of trees such as hemlock, pine, or spruce. They also have a unique singing voice that adds to their charm.

The presence of these red birds in Pennsylvania indicates healthy ecosystems since they are sensitive to habitat fragmentation and human activity.

Observing them in nature can bring joy to any birdwatcher’s day while also serving as an indicator of environmental balance.

Summer Tanager

Pennsylvania’s birdwatchers have been lucky enough to spot some of the most vibrant and beautiful birds in North America.

One particular species that stands out among the rest is the Summer Tanager. With its radiant red plumage, this bird is hard to miss.

The Summer Tanager is a medium-sized songbird that belongs to the cardinal family. It breeds in southeastern United States and winters in South America.

During breeding season, it can be found across Pennsylvania’s eastern forests where it feeds on insects, berries, and fruit.

Though it may be challenging to spot one of these elusive birds due to their preference for high trees and dense foliage, those who do are truly rewarded with an unforgettable sight.


The red birds of Pennsylvania are diverse and beautiful. There are ten different types of red birds that can be found in the state, each with its own unique plumage and behavior.

Whether you’re looking to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat or capture their beauty on camera, Pennsylvania has something for everyone who loves nature!

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